What time does Super Bowl 50 start tonight, what TV channel is it on and how can Carolina Panthers be stopped?

Watch Broncos vs Panthers NFL Super Bowl 50 Online

Everything you need to know about the Super Bowl between Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, the biggest NFL game of the year, ahead of tonight's kick-off.

Watch Broncos vs Panthers NFL Super Bowl 50 Online

Watch Broncos vs Panthers NFL Super Bowl 50 Online

When is Super Bowl 50?

It's on tonight, Sunday February 7, and kicks off at 15.30 Pacific time.

What time is that in the UK?

It's a somewhat antisocial 23.30 start for anyone watching in the famous old timezone of GMT.

Where is Super Bowl 50 being played?

At Levi's Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers.

Who is playing in it?

It's the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers

How can the Super Bowl 50 be watched online?

Online streaming of the Super Bowl 50 and the entire forthcoming season is available to subscribers of
Click the Get Instant Access Button below to subscribe

Watch Broncos vs Panthers NFL Super Bowl 50 Online

Watch Broncos vs Panthers NFL Super Bowl 50 Online


Who's going to win?

Theoretically, it should be straightforward assignment for the Carolina Panthers. They ended the regular season with comfortably the best overall record, only losing one game out of 16.
Cam Newton is a machine at quarterback, and the ease with which they dispensed with the accomplished Arizona Cardinals in the NFC championship game suggests they're capable of going all the way.
The Broncos have been far less convincing this season, especially at quarterback where Peyton Manning briefly became a backup to Brock Osweiller through a combination of loss of form and injury.
But the 39-year-old Manning looked back to something approaching his best when leading his team to victory against the New England Patriots.
The suspicion is the Broncos were aided in that game by the altitude of their Mile High Stadium which is, believe it or not, a mile above sea level.

Who's performing in the half-time show?

It's the band Coldplay. Please, do try to control yourself. Will they join the elite list of best ever Super Bowl half-time shows? Only time will tell, but they'll have to go some to better Katy Perry's show last year, and her magnificent dancing sharks.

What are the odds?

Just after the championship games, they are as follows:
Carolina Panthers 5/9
Denver Broncos 6/4

Why isn't it called Super Bowl L?

We know, right? Lovely roman numerals: What happened to you?
This, the 50th incarnation of the Super Bowl, is the first to ditch the tradtional Roman system in 45 years and use the far less exciting numbers we use for every day activities like counting and giving our friends marks out of 100.
Apparently it's because "L" (Roman for "50", Latin rookies) isn't visually pleasing. But don't worry, we'll be back on track in 2017 for Super Bowl LI in Houston.

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